Elias & Chariton Papakonstantinou G.P.

The company PAPAKONSTANTINOU ELIAS & CHARITON G.P.., with distinctive title HM THERMANSI, was founded in 1987 by Elias and Markos Papakonstantinou brothers, with history of constructive company since 1970.

Activities of the company include agencies, imports and wholesale trade of heating systems, water systems, sanitation systems, air conditioning systems and natural gas systems. The philosophy of the company is to provide supplies of high quality to its clients, with exceptional and perfect services at competitive prices.

The reliable support before and after the sale by its specialized staff, for the full range of products and applications, as well the prompt delivery make HM THERMANSI the first choice in market. (more...)

Solutions for everyone
There comes a time when every homeowner should be informed about the products on the market, in case she/he wants to build or renovate her/his house. The company HM THERMANSI is here to help you so you will have the best possible result.

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Mechanical engineers, plumbers, builders, technical companies and other professionals trust HM THERMANSI, because it provides exceptional services, products of high quality and also the technical knowledge that are demanded, to construct their projects with success.

As Professional user of the Online Store you have access to plenty of information and useful online tools. We offer and represent the best firms regarding heating systems, water systems, sanitation systems, natural gas systems, just as the other categories of product range, at competitive and special prices for you, the professionals.

As a company with experience of many years in the area of heating and water systems, we ensure the success in each of your projects.

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